Organizational culture and teamwork

To whom it is intended

  • Employers and employees who want to foster collaborative relationships and strengthen team spirit


Today's modern business is almost impossible without teamwork. However, it is easy to make a team but not to secure teamwork. This training is intended for both employers and employees. Training enables employers to gain knowledge on how to prepare employees for teamwork, build a quality team and maintain team together. Training helps employees develop skills to help them communicate and function more effectively in a team.

The programme

  • Vision, mission... and then teamwork
  • Foundations of organizational culture
  • What is Synergy and does it really exist
  • The importance of team spirit and benefits to the company
  • Preparing employees for team membership
  • Basic steps in organizing a team
  • Individuality within a team
  • Barriers to teamwork and how to overcome them
  • The most important team words: Trust and Cooperation
  • Examples of team exercises as mini team building