Advanced selling skills

To whom it is intended

  • Anyone who is in B2B sales


There are some good models that help experienced sales people to be more productive. All of these models have a memorable name, such as SPIN®, or FIND™. The essence of all these models is to train sales people to remember that the key is selling through Benefits, and the path to benefits is only through a series of smart questions addressed to the buyer. Asking questions remains the hardest part of any sales conversation.

The programme

  • Transactional and Advisory Sales
  • Why sellers want to talk more than the buyer
  • The difference between listening and hearing
  • Serbian habit of chatting about nothing
  • When the seller does not distinguish between Benefit and Advantage
  • Situational and Problem questions
  • The importance of tapping into potential customer issues
  • When the seller thinks he or she has made a good meeting but has not
  • Writing e-mails without a follow-up