Unobtrusive tele-sales

To whom it is intended

  • Call center employees
  • Call center team leaders
  • Commercialists who want to improve the percentage of call success


Making a phone call for sale is one of the most frustrating jobs around the world. This sense of discomfort is natural, but also unnecessary. With a little more ability comes more success, and then the experience of being rejected is not terrible. On the contrary. Those who organize phone sales know very well how cost effective it is. What is needed is a well trained staff and team leaders with an attitude.

The programme

  • Phone communication as a specific, more difficult form of communication
  • Differences between incoming and outgoing calls
  • Understanding that retail and call center work are not the same
  • Opening sales at the beginning of the call
  • Asking open-ended questions about customer preferences
  • Product presentation solely through benefits
  • Closing the sale by asking for decision at the end of the call
  • Achieving client reassurance with calmness and respect