To whom it is intended

Anyone in the B2B business and in particular:

  • Development managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Bank sales advisers for legal entities


Prospecting happens mostly spontaneously and without understanding the essence. The first thought is to make a phone call, where your employee, who has not been too busy, or a student in practice, is tasked with "expanding the database". And then they have a hard time trying to push your company through to some of the disinterested people. Prospecting is not a random calling around. It is a process that, when done professionally, guaranties to increase the number of clients.

The programme


  • Analyze your business flow
  • Identify potential clients
  • Target business problems
  • Plan your approach


  • Write attention-grabbing emails
  • Basic calling skills
  • Selection of leads
  • Passing through a wall set up by "deputies"
  • Overcoming indifference


  • Periodically evaluate individual calls to potential clients
  • Identify areas that can be improved
  • Plan the actions you will take