About Win Win

Lead Trainer

The owner of Win Win and the lead trainer is Miroslav Milojevic, a business trainer and consultant, with 30 years of business experience, of which he has been intensively working as a trainer and consultant in Serbia and the region for the last 15 years.

After Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, Miroslav lived and worked in the United Kingdom and Italy, performing jobs that, as a common line, had sales, developing customer relationships and managing sales teams. In addition to his job, Miroslav earned a Master's degree from Westmister University in London.

Returning to Serbia in 2004 and working for leading training companies, or independently, Miroslav held over 700 training and team building events, which made him one of the most engaged trainers in the country. Practically, in the coaching role, over 7500 people, from more than 100 companies, multinational or Serbian, saw him at work.

As a training service provider, clients see Miroslav as an experienced facilitator, exceptional motivator, excellent business expert and brilliant presenter.

On the other hand, Miroslav's training participants are most respectful that he speaks a language that is easy to understand, provides real-life examples and helps them overcome the difficulties that are normal in learning new skills.


Pharmaceuticals, IT, banking and financial services, retail and wholesale of food and beverages, retail and wholesale of technical products, agroindustry, car industry, tourism and hospitality are all areas where Win Win has acquired its customers.

We understand that it is difficult to distinguish today who is who in the market for business training providers because of the large number of references cited and often not verifiable.

Therefore, Win Win is ready to demonstrate its ability live, in demo training. It clearly shows who is who and how much of what is written in the offer is relevant.