Time Management and Efficient meetings

To whom it is intended

  • All employees


Time is a limited resource, and waste of time is the most expensive habit. Time management is an imperative for successful business. On a day when over 200 mails arrive and when the number of work assignments exceeds opening hours, good time management is the only way to accomplish everything.

Business meetings are an integral part of the work of managers and other employees. All large companies, but also smaller companies, occasionally, or regularly, organize business meetings. The essential role of meetings is actually very simple: to exchange ideas and convey the information that is necessary for further work. However, in practice one can often find that the situation is not the same - meetings last longer than they should, they are poorly organized and often the goals of the meeting are not achieved.

The programme

  • Assessing your own way of managing time
  • Setting short and long term goals
  • Periodic plan of activities
  • To Do list
  • "Urgency-Relevance" matrix and assessments
  • "Obstructions" and how to keep them under control
  • The importance of briefing participants before the meeting
  • The role of the organizer and the role of the chairman
  • Introductory word - how to get the attention of the participants
  • Manage the meeting: time keeping and intruders
  • Controlling meeting jammers
  • Closing the meeting
  • Keeping records and their purpose
  • Effective meeting = Achieved goals after the meeting