Selling techniques for retail

To whom it is intended

  • Retail employees
  • Employees at bank counters
  • Field distributors of goods


Sellers in large and small retail outlets, merchandisers, merchandise distributors, bank tellers, cashiers, and anyone else who has regular and daily contact with customers are able (and obliged) to sell when the opportunity arises. They are all on the "front line of the sales front" and for this reason it is very important that sales techniques become an integral part of their work.

These techniques should be 100% known to their line managers, in order to better understand and manage employees.

The programme

  • Specificity of communication with customers in retail stores
  • Communication problems and how to overcome them
  • Approach to the customer with greetings and cordiality
  • Useful questions to the buyer about narrowing the options
  • Sales closing signals
  • Determination and boldness to propose a purchase
  • Objection to a good, or service, as a great opportunity to sell
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